The following are the results from the latest round of games from the Perth & Perthshire Ladies Bowling Association
The line up for the Semi Finals and the venues are as follows:

Tuesday 18 June 2019 at Rattray Bowling Club commencing at 6.45 pm
Junior Singles : Luncarty v Glencarse
Singles : Dunning A v Burrelton; Rattray v Perth

Wednesday 19 June 2019 at Perth BC & North Inch BC/Balhousie BC commencing at 2.00 pm
Senior Singles : Burrelton v Inchture; Rattray v West End.
Pairs : Balhousie v Crieff; Braco v Auchterarder.
Triples : Bridge of Earn v Blairgowrie; AlmondValley v North Inch.
Fours : West End v Blackford; Rattray v Errol.

All the Finals will be played on Wednesday 26 June 2019 at Stanley BC commencing at 2.00 pm

Singles scheduled for Tuesday 11 June 2019
Dunning A 21 v Dunning B 12; Balhousie 17 v Burrelton 21; Blairgowrie A 16 v Rattray 21; Bridge of Earn 17 v Perth 21.

Senior Singles scheduled for Wednesday 05 June 2019
Errol 11 v Burrelton 21; Inchture WO v AlmondValley WD; Rattray 21 v Crieff 11; Blackford 8 v West End 21.

Pairs scheduled for Wednesday 12 June 2019
Balhousie 23 v Perth 3; Dunning 10 v Crieff 17; Stanley 15 v Braco 17; Comrie 17 v Achterarder 21.

Triples scheduled for Wednesday 12 June 2019
Bridge of Earn 22 v Luncarty 3; Blairgowrie 14 v Balhousie 7; Grandtully 7 v AlmondValley 21; Methven 5 v North Inch 23.

Fours scheduled for Wednesday 05 June 2019
Blairgowrie v West End 13; Blackford 17 v Luncarty 9; Rattray 17 v Bankfoot 5; Perth 17 v Errol 19.

22 May

The following are the results from the Senior Singles and Fours played on 22 May 2019 and the venues for the following round:

Seniors Singles 1st Round – Results
Errol 21 v Balhousie 18; Scone Rec 11 v Burrelton 21; Bankfoot 17 v Inchture 21; Auchterarder WD v AlmondValley WO.

Seniors Singles Quarter Finals Wednesday 05/06/2019
Errol v Burrleton at Caledonian; Inchture v AlmondValley at Bridge of Earn; Rattray v Crieff at West End; Blackford v West End at Dunning.

Fours 1st Round – Results
North Inch 13 v Blairgowrie 14; West End 16 v Bridge of Earn 15; Scone Rec 16 Blackford 17; Aberfeldy 11 v Luncarty 22; Auchterarder 14 v Rattray 19; Bankfoot 17 v Dunning 9; Perth21 v Burrelton 11; Pitlochry 11 v Errol 16.

Fours Quarter Finals Wednesday 05/06/2019
Blairgowrie v West End at Bankfoot; Blackford v Luncarty at Dunning; Rattray v Bankfoot at Luncarty; Perth v Errol at Bridge of Earn.

14 May and 15 May

The following are the results of the Singles games played on Tuesday 14 May and the Pairs on Wednesday 15 May:

Singles Results
Blairgowrie WO v Crieff A WD; Dunning A 21 v Caledonian 14; Errol 12 v Dunning B 21; Blackford B 5 v Luncarty 21; Crieff B 2 v Abernethy 14; Balhouise WO v Comrie WD; West End 15 v Burrelton 21.

Singles 2nd Round – Tuesday 28/05/2019 at 6.45 pm
Blairgowrie B v Dunning A at Stanley; Dunning B v Luncarty at Caledonian; Crieff B v Balhousie at Dunning; Burrelton v Blair Atholl at Blairgowrie; Blairgowrie A v Blackford A at Caledonian; Bankfoot v Rattray at Stanley; Bridge of Earn v Stanley at Dunning; Pitlochry v Perth at Blairgowrie.

Pairs Results
Balhousie 22 v Methven 7; Scone Rec 22 v West End 14; Errol 15 v Bankfoot 18.

Pairs 2nd Round – Wednesday 15/05/2019 at 2.00 pm
Balhousie v Scone Rec at Bridge of Earn; Bankfoot v Perth at Bridge of Earn; Dunning v Burrelton at West End; Crieff v Blairgowrie at Bankfoot; Caledonian v Stanley at Luncarty; Blackford v Braco at Auchterarder; Bridge of Earn v Comrie at Auchterarder; Auchterarder v Almond Valley at Dunning.

If there are any issues hosting any matches please let me know as soon as possible.

Perth and Perthshire Ladies Bowling AssociationCompetition Rules 2019
  1.       No Player can play in more than one competition or for two clubs.
  2.       Two entries are allowed for the Junior Singles and the Singles Disciplines
  3.       Games can be played earlier than the date fixed but not later than. Please notify the Secretary          of any changes.
  4.       A defeated player is not eligible for re-entry in any of the other sections of the competition.
  5.      Umpires to check all bowls before start of competition tie. Composition & Wooden bowls must       have legible Stamp and serial number. (IBB, WBB and WB stamps only) (BIBC Stamp is not             acceptable)
  6.      Junior Singles     = 21 shots
         Singles                 = 21shots
         Senior Singles     = 21 shots
         Four Bowl Pairs  = 17 ends throughout
         Triples                  = 15 ends throughout
         Fours                    = 17 ends throughout
  7.     Substitution
        •  Players participating in the first tie shall be regarded as the official selection of the member         club.
        •  Between rounds players may alter playing positions.
        •  During play if it is agreed that a sub is required the sub should play in any position other than         skip, and the other members of the team can rearrange their positions as necessary.
        •  The Competition shall be played under World Bowls Laws of the Sport of Bowls as published            by World Bowls (Crystal Mark Third Edition) and including Bowls Scotland domestic                          regulations.
        •  Substitutes will be allowed up to quarter finals as follows and can be made at any time                    between rounds and may play in any position
                                Singles  – 1 Substitute (Incl Junior and Senior)
                                Pairs      – 2 Substitutes
                                Triples   – 3 Substitutes
                                Fours     – 4 Substitutes

            For one round only a replacement player can be used to replace a player necessitated by immediate              family bereavement or jury duty. The player who was replaced may return in subsequent rounds.                    The replacement player will be eligible to play in other competition as a substitute. In the event of                  the death of a player a replacement may be made and this does not count as a substitute.

     8.    All afternoon games commence at 2 pm, evening games commence at 6.45 pm
             30 minutes grace shall be given to all matches, after which the opponents can claim the tie.
     9.    In the event of a tie an extra end shall be played.
     10.  Two trial ends shall be allowed in all ties.
     11.   Ties postponed because of rain must be played before the following Wednesday
     12.   All cards must show PLAYERS FULL NAMES as well as club names.
     13.   All cards must be marked ‘SUB’ where applicable
     14.   All cards must be signed by both skips.
     15.    RESULTS – HOST CLUB to Text; E-Mail or Phone scores to Secretary on the evening of the game;                      then scan or forward score cards to Secretary – Ms Marion Latto, 2 Fortingall Place, Perth PH1                          2NQ.
                Contact details: Mob – 07779631013; E-mail –; Tel – 01738 623217.   

             • Grey Bowling Skirt or Plain Grey/Black Tailored Bowling Trousers throughout the competition.
             • White Bowling top / Polo shirt with collar and sleeves.
             • Club coloured clothing may be worn, (all team members), throughout the competition.
             • Footwear – All players must wear flat soled and heel-less footwear.

17. Fee to Host Club and Green keeper: £1.00 (per player).