Well another very tight finish and taken to the last game with any of three clubs in with a chance.

Congratulations to the Kinnoull boys who finished with a big win after slipping up in the previous two weeks to clinch the trophy for the first time in a few years.

Kinnoull will be in touch re a presentation night, however not sure if Annandale presentation will be on same night??

I now need you all to organise a rink to play in the Andrew Clark trophy game against Dundee. This year it’s being played at Monifieth bowling club on Wednesday 14th August 2019 with a 2pm start and it’s a six rink game so we need a rink from each of the five clubs and a presidents rink. This year Balhousie’s James Kellie is the president and he will get lumbered with me in his rink, however still need a good front end to carry us so Dave Nicoll try to get another two from Balhousie or get in touch with the other clubs if you are struggling to get the additional players.

Can you all let me know the names of the players who plan to attend and the cost is as usual £7 per head payable on the day (usually paid by the clubs??)

Thanks again for all your support during the competition.

DateClubAgainstShots forShots againstPoints (home)Points (away)
1st MayKinnoullWest End593570
1st May BalhousiePerth553570
8th May

8th MayWest EndBalhousie375425
15th MayCaley West End614352
15th MayBalhousieKinnoull394634
22 MayKinnoullCaley563752
22 MayWest EndPerth 484034
29 MayPerthKinnoull243616
29 MayCaleyBalhousie553552
05 JunWest EndKinnoull435025
05 JunPerthBalhousie474652
12 JunBalhousieWest End332852
12 JunCaleyPerth385443
19 JunWest EndCaley436725
19 JunKinnoullBalhousie425225
26 JunCaleyKinnoull424152
26 JunPerthWest End375607
03 JulKinnoullPerth643570
03 JulBalhousieCaley485134