Congratulations to all the players for having taken part, well done to the clubs players who reached the finals of stage one and commiserations to the runner-ups. Good luck to the ladies who won and who now go on to represent District 6 at the National Championships at Northfield Ayr from Sunday 21st July until Saturday 27th July, look forward to seeing and cheering you all on down at Ayr.

Singles: Luncarty 14 Stanley 21;

Pairs: Burrelton 18 Dunning A 15

Triples: Methven 26 Crieff 4

Fours: Blairgowrie 18 Luncarty 12

Ladies Junior Singles: Glencarse 12 Stanley 21

Over 55 Singles: Caledonian 9 Inchture 21;

Over 55 Fours: Inchture 10 Perth 11

Semi Finals

Singles: Luncarty 21 Balhousie 18; Almond Valley 20 Stanley 21;

Pairs: Burrelton 18 Stanley 10; Dunning A 24 Auchterarder 8

Triples: Methven 21 Inchture 9; Alyth 8 Crieff 10

Fours: Blairgowrie 25 Blackford 11; Luncarty 17 Dunning 12

Ladies Junior Singles: Glencarse 21 Luncarty 3

Over 55 Singles: Caledonian 21 Rattray 16; Bankfoot 6 Inchture 21;

Over 55 Fours: Inchture 15 Burrelton 7; Auchterarder 13 Perth 23

Quarter Finals

Pairs Quarter Finals Results
Blackford A 12 Burrelton 19; Stanley 16 Almond Valley 15; Bankfoot 11 Dunning A 26; Perth 13 Auchterarder 18;

Triples Quarter Finals Results
Methven 23 Almond Valley 10; Inchture 23 Blackford 11; Alyth 17 Dunning 10; Crieff 17 Errol 13:

Over 55 Singles Results
Caley A 21 Burrelton 13; Rattray A 21 Pitlochry 5; Balhousie 15 Bankfoot B 21; Perth West End C 14 Inchture 21

Over 55 Fours Results
Bridge of Earn 13 Inchture 15 Burrelton 19 Invergowrie 6; Auchterarder A 14 Perth West End 11; Perth 18 Almond Valley 14;

National Qualifying Championships

Bowls need only to have a legible stamp except wooden bowls, which need to have current year i.e. 2015 and Serial Numbers must be all the same on all four bowls.
The individual (s) who are acting as markers or umpire should ensure this.
Please provide competent person(s) to act as markers or umpire(s) where necessary and assistance with score cards.
If you are playing in the Singles feel free to take along a friend who could assist with Marking (Male or Female) as some clubs are short of members.

Any catering is to be charged at the discretion of the clubs where the competitions are being held.

Results to be advised phoned into the District Secretary as soon as possible preferably on day of competition and post cards promptly.


The starting time of 10.30am or 2.00 pm of the 1st Round does not have to be strictly adhered to, if all competitors have arrived at green and are in agreement play can commence.

Prescribed prohibited substance Therapeutic Use Exemptions TUEs log onto

Please do not string greens.  A suitable length of string should be at hand for deciding, “Line bowls”.

Any tie that is not completed on the day due to bad weather should be re-arranged between participants to take place on the designated or neutral green before the next round and results sent as soon as possible

Please note, you can wear black skirts, tailored trousers, tailored cropped trousers or culottes. Clubs coloured tops can be worn (i.e. blouse) if your club has colours, grey or white shoes in stage one games, if in any doubt refer to the current Laws of the Sport of Bowls or the Bowls Scotland Year Book.
All Club Secretaries should have one and should be available in the Clubhouse.

Results should be phoned or e-mailed as soon as possible after the end of play.
Score card sent to: Mrs F Sandilands Lynmore, 91 Muirton Place, Perth, PH1 5DL
E-mail address Home Tele No 01738 632828

I hope you all have a successful and dry season.
Yours in sport

Frances Sandilands
(Bowls Scotland District 6 Secretary)