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Welcome to Bowls Perthshire

Ladies President of Bowls Scotland
Mary Fotheringham

Lady President of Bowls Scotland

Email received from Jim Cameron stating that Thursday's (24/04/2014) meeting of the PDL has been postponed and resheduled for Thursday 1st May.

Details of the Bowls Scotland Competitions can be seen by going to Event Calender - select Bowls Scotland (Gents) and you will see dates of the BS Competitions. Click at the top of the page and you will see individual competition details. During the season the results will be shown on this page.

Here is a great opportunity. The Perthshire Bowling Association Trial for the Hamilton Trophy is to be held at Crieff Bowling Club on Sunday 27th April. Will all players wishing a trial report to Crieff B/C by 1.15pm

The Perth IBC Seniors team finished Runners up to East Lothian A in the 2014 Jock Brodie team competition at East Lothian. Their picture shows up in the photographs above.

Bowls Scotland is requiring volunteers for the Nationals on 5th to 11th August (1 day to 7th Day). If interested get in touch with Lyn Wallace at

Not long to go.  A List of Open Competitions, PDL Competitions and Bowls Scotland (Gents) Finals can be seen by going to "Event Calendar" on Main Menu.
If Clubs wish to send in Open Competition and Entry Form details I can add them on the website and it may increase the applications to the Open Competitions.

Minutes of the Perthshire Bowls Annual Meeting run by Eddie Nicholson (Gents BS District Secretary) on Sunday Feb 23rd 2014 can be seen by clicking here.

Not long to start of new season. The Perthshire Bowling Association (PBA) has updated the Top Ten and Campbell Trophy Rules. These can be seen by going to PBA on the Main Menu.

The following information for the coming season has been provided by Eddie Nicholson and has been added to the website.
1. Bowling Contacts
2. Competitions
3. Club Addresses
4. Club Secretaries
5. Match Secretaries
6. Bowls Scotland Info.

Details can be seen by going to "Mens Secretary" on the Main Menu

Eddie Nicholson (Gents BS District Secretary) has issue details of his annual meeting with Club representative on 23rd of February, details of which can be seen by clicking here.

We are getting through winter, it will soon  be the start of new season. Another bit of information received, that of West End's Five Day Bowling Tournament. The details and entry form can be seen by clicking here The Application Form can be printed from the web page then completed and sent to West End Bowling Club or you can copy the form on to your computer, fill in the details and then email the completed form to the competition organiser Bill Coulter via .

Happy New Year to you. Time marching on to the start of the new season. The league games for the PDL can be seen by going to Event Calendar and then selecting PDL Division 1 or PDL Division 2.

The Gents District Secretary "Eddie Nicholson" has requesting Club Registration details from your club and has given details of District Annual meeting to be held on 23rd February 2014. To view the information go to the Mens District Secretary's page by clicking here.

Congradulations to Mary Fotheringham on being promoted to Bowls Scotland Ladies President. Well done Mary. To see details on how this happened click here.

I hope you are enjoying your winter weather. Just heard that Eddie Gray, Charlie McLaren and Eddie Nicholson have reached the Semi-finals of the Scottish Indoor Triples which will be played at Midlothian on Saturday March 1st 2014. We wish them the best of luck and hope they win the final.

The final of the Caledonian Challange Cup was held at Bankfoot Bowling Club on Sunday 18th August. Pictures of the winners and other contestants can be seen by clicking here. As there is 89 photographs, it takes a bit of time to load up.

The Perthshire Bowls Association Committee members for 2013 and the  new constitution and new competition rules came be read  by clicking here

Charlie Speedie